Get your Lula(Roe) On: Clothing Brand Empowering Thousands of Women


(Setting up shop on a beautiful day to welcome Spring!)
(Consultant Alacia Camechis modeling a Madison skirt with an Irma)

Alacia Camechis, 27, a military wife and loving mother of 4, has dedicated her life to providing for others. Through the midst of raising a family, managing to be financially independent after serving in the Navy, and struggling to find time for herself, she stumbled across an opportunity that fit her needs and wants while being a stay at home mom.

LuLaRoe. LuLawhat you ask?

It’s the latest fashion trend. A clothing company that caters to women of all shapes and sizes in a fashionable yet comfortable way. The company was developed in 2014 and has been rapidly expanding ever since.

DeAnne Stidham is the mastermind behind this brand, she was a single mother looking for a way to make money but be at home with her children and still have a life to live. She truly wanted to develop something that exists to give people an opportunity to create freedom through a style and that allows people to work at their own pace.

It provides women, a variety of styles that for the most part are creatively named after the family’s children and grandchildren.

A long dress is called the Anna, a short spring dress is a Nicole, a pocket dress is an Amelia, a pencil dress is a Julia, and a T-shirt dress is called a Carly. There is the Azure which is a flowy skirt, Maxi is the original floor length skirt, Cassie which is a pencil skirt, and a Madison which is a pocket skirt. The shirts include classic-t’s which are regular t-shirts, perfect t’s which have slits on both sides of a flowy shirt, and an Irma which is a longer shirt made for leggings.

LuLaRoe makes all their clothing wearable for all women. The leggings are offered as one size (2-12), tall and curvy (12-20), and tween (double 0-2). The shirts and dresses range from xxs to 3xl.

The secret to these buttery soft clothes is the way they are brushed with a patent ending technique where the fibers are stretched. There are only 2,500 prints per item allowing each consultant to have their own inventory.

Camechis became a lularoe consultant in June of 2016. After making that decision, she has never looked back.

“Most consultants are stay at home moms that need the money and are able to be a mom in the comfort of your home while working,” she said.

Pop-up parties promote community engagement, especially across social media. Facebook is used as a platform to sell products through the live feature where people interact while they wait for each item to be introduced. Each consultant has their own selling style, but many use incentives to help push products like selling already matched outfits together or they have a rewards program of some sort. Since it is a competitive business to bring in customers to you personally, having incentives are important so more people buy form you. The quicker a consultant goes through their inventory, the quicker they will receive a new shipment.

LuLaRoe has ignited a movement and has brought together women like never before. The clothes are available to purchase online or in person through a consultant. LuLaRoe has almost any design style imaginable, from funky to pretty to flirty to all kinds of themed prints.

Sofia Dipasquale, 27, a regular shopper of the brand, has changed her entire wardrobe after hearing about LuLaRoe.

“I love the convenience and comfortability of the leggings the most, I love that I can wake up and throw them on and look like I actually tried to get ready,” Dispasquale went on, “I’m a hairdresser so it is really cool to be able to find leggings with scissors, blow-dryers, and brushes on them. It’s a neat way to accessorize and promote myself when I’m out in public, and on top of that when I look good I feel good.”

Jessica Batton, 30, a friend of Sofia’s, agreed that LuLaRoe is unique and that there really isn’t anything else like it.

“I feel like the women who buy the clothes care about how they look and they aren’t afraid to go bold.” Batton said.

This brand seems to be bringing women together around the world, changing perspectives of those who never embraced themselves before.

“I fell in love with the clothing and how it made me feel having children back to back,” Camechis said.

An idea that turned into a movement which was started by a mother who was eager to make a difference, has spread into a network of mothers who want to help make a difference just like her.

“I thought I lost myself when I became a stay at home mom. But, I didn’t lose myself, I found who I truly am, by making those around me feel beautiful in the clothing that they wear.” Camechis said.


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