Technology like never before!

Many people were suspicious of drones when they were first introduced. But a few years later, they are used for more things now than ever thought of before. Drones are used recreationally all around the world. Check out this video of a Towson University student who found his passion for photography through flying a drone. Read further about Nick, here. 



Get out and go!

Students at Towson University engaging about how they are involved on campus.

Universities across the world encourage their students to get involved on campus. Towson, is no different. Listen to this story about a former Towson MCCS student’s experience and advice about why that is so important.

Get your Lula(Roe) On: Clothing Brand Empowering Thousands of Women


(Setting up shop on a beautiful day to welcome Spring!)
(Consultant Alacia Camechis modeling a Madison skirt with an Irma)

Alacia Camechis, 27, a military wife and loving mother of 4, has dedicated her life to providing for others. Through the midst of raising a family, managing to be financially independent after serving in the Navy, and struggling to find time for herself, she stumbled across an opportunity that fit her needs and wants while being a stay at home mom.

LuLaRoe. LuLawhat you ask?

It’s the latest fashion trend. A clothing company that caters to women of all shapes and sizes in a fashionable yet comfortable way. The company was developed in 2014 and has been rapidly expanding ever since.

DeAnne Stidham is the mastermind behind this brand, she was a single mother looking for a way to make money but be at home with her children and still have a life to live. She truly wanted to develop something that exists to give people an opportunity to create freedom through a style and that allows people to work at their own pace.

It provides women, a variety of styles that for the most part are creatively named after the family’s children and grandchildren.

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Students search for their future


(Students engage and hand over resume to potential employers)

Rena Adato, a junior at Towson University is studying Mass Communications with a minor in PR and Advertising.

Adato, is one out of hundreds of students who attend the Networking Fair each year in hope of meeting potential employers. On Wednesday April 12th the fair was held in the University Union in the Chesapeake rooms.

“I hope to secure an internship, establish a relationship, and learn to network within the industry,” Adato said, “I want to gain as much experience as possible and I think an internship would be perfect for that.”

Pam Keyt, Assistant Business Manager, at Fox 45 was one of the booths at the fair. She works primarily with finances, operational protocol, safety and security, and hiring.

“This networking fair allows students the perfect opportunity to learn and grow with an organization,” Keyt said, “Internships matter in today’s world.”

“Employers looks for people who are serious, ones with a noticeable passion for what they are applying for, and they want to see the experience the candidate has worked for,” Keyt said, “Internships are key to gaining that experience needed.”